LTZ and parking in Turin

The Centre of Turin is included in the limited traffic zone. Following is a map to make sure you avoid these areas and legal sanctions.

Limited Traffic Zone hours: from 7.30 to 10.30, Monday to Friday, except for on bank holidays. Parking in the city Centre during these hours may lead to legal sanctions. The hotel provides all the necessary information on how to enter and exit the limited traffic zone, and on request, guests can be provided with an authorization form for exemption, only for the day of arrival and departure, and only at the ZTL RE UMBERTO door. (The passage in Via XX Settembre is not authorized).

AllegroItalia Golden Palace has a covered and guarded carpark with a capacity up to 40 vehicles. Alternatively, there is a huge open carpark in Corso Re Umberto, between Corso Matteotti and Via Arcivescovado.

LTZ and Parking