Turin, art, culture, history…

AllegroItalia Golden Palace is located in the heart of Turin, only 900 metres away from Porta Susa Station and 500 metres away from Piazza San Carlo. Its location makes it the perfect starting point to visit the city.

Turin is a city full of surprises: it is the first capital of Italy and very rich in history with its elegance and mystery, Royal Residences, palaces, museums, districts and its delicious selection of chocolates.

To not be missed:

  • Turin is the city of chocolate: discover our Chocolate Suite, enjoy the chocolate tasting within the room and visit the chocolate factory.
  • The beauty of the Royal Residence in Veneria Reale, near Turin. You must visit the Royal Palace and the Gardens. AllegroItalia Golden Palace offers tour visits to the Royal Residence. We organize trips on the royal gondolas around the beautiful Peschiera; trips on the Diana train, which takes visitors from the scenic Park to the ruins of Diana’s temple; or a carriage ride, which gives you the possibility to view the hidden gems of the Park.
  • The car museum: Mauto, the famous car museum, offers a range of experiences, historic exhibitions, insights and images. AllegroItalia Golden Palace offers the Maserati Suite for lovers of Italian automobilism.
  • Magical Turin: built on the confluence of two rivers, the Po and the Dora, is the apex of the famous black magic triangle and white magic triangle. Turin is renowned for its mysterious traditions. Discover the most intrigueing paths and masonic enigmas of the city. We are only a few chilometres away from the starting point of the ‘Magical Turin’ tour.
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